Quench your thirst

Trade shows can be thirsty work, but we’ve got just the companies for you if you’re in search of refreshment.  Everything from spring water for rehydration, to something a little (or a lot!) stronger for later in the day:

Holywell Water Co Ltd
Holywell Malvern Spring Water is the exciting rebirth of Malvern Water.  A favourite of the past five British Monarchs, the Holywell Spring is the original source of bottled water in the UK.  The pre-Cambrian granite which forms the Malvern Hills is the hardest, densest and by definition oldest rock in the land, cleansing the water rather than contributing to it.  Famed through time for containing ‘just nothing at all’.  (Stand 26).

Gran Stead’s Ginger Ltd
Christiana Stead was born in 1898 in a small country village called Middleton-in-Teesdale in the North of England. Her ginger wine recipe – now over 150 years old – uses all natural ingredients and the result is a mellow, versatile drink for all seasons.
In 1994, the Knox family bought the recipe for this, their favourite drink.  They began preparing Gran Stead’s Ginger Wine from home and selling it at craft fairs. As word spread and demand grew, they moved on to farmers markets and stockists, and fifteen years later the company it continues to grow and production has moved to a local farm.  Their Dark & Mellow Ginger Wine beat off worldwide competition to win an international GOLD MEDAL in the 2012 BBI awards and new Light & Fiery scooped SILVER.  (Stand 67).

Celtic Marches
Celtic Marches produce high quality liqueurs and spirits with unique innovative eye catching packaging.  Their team draw on years of experience in the beverage industry to produce quality liqueurs blended using locally sourced products.  Each of their products has a story which inspired its name, and each bottle is hand finished in wax by their illustrious head waxer.
They have a range ward winning flavoured brandy liqueurs including ‘Bloody Furlong’ and ‘Number Nine’ which were  joined by ‘Slightly Foxed’ a 17% orange flavoured liqueur in 2012.  For those that prefer things a little less strong, they produce three  ‘Abrahalls’ ciders.  All their products are produced on their apple farm in Herefordshire. (Stand 16).

Bramley and Gage
Bramley and Gage are a small family business making great tasting fruit liqueurs, gins, and brandy.  They make each of their liqueurs in small batches,by hand, keeping the taste as true to the original fruit as possible.  They only use real whole fruit, not concentrates or purees, sourced as locally as possible.  They don’t use preservatives (except the alcohol).  They don’t use colourings.  The production process ensures that as much of the natural flavour, freshness, and colour of the fruit as possible is retained, together with the maximum amount of naturally occurring vitamins.  Their class leading sloe gin is distilled and bottled in the West Country.  Six O’clock Gin and Six O’clock Tonic are a London Gin and 100% natural tonic made in Gloucestershire.  (Stand 18).

At the end of a constructive day at the show, you can toast your success with any one of these lovely tipples.  Cheers!

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