Its the early birds who catch the…

In this case, it’s the early birds who catch the best deals, with the first ten receiving advertising packages as part of their stand booking. Here are just a few examples of exhibitors to whet your appetite!

Boddingtons Berries bring their home produced conserves, bursting with flavour, and packed with fruit, Coffee and Cream (SW) Ltd offer a full range of luxury handmade cookies beautifully packed as sweet souvenirs, either gift wrapped or in catering boxes.

Ginger is prized by many for it’s health giving properties, and Gran Stead’s Ginger’s range of non-alcoholic drinks will be bringing a touch of spice to the show; their newest drink is Light and Fiery Ginger Wine; their spiciest one yet!

Holywell Water Co Ltd have a rich story behind their bottled water, with Queen Elizabeth the first granting John Hornyold the Holywell Spring Malvern in 1558, and bottling is said to have started there in 1622. Highly rated still and sparkling water.

LittlePod Ltd sell high-quality vanilla products and chocolate ingredients, with their speciality being a natural Madagascan vanilla paste in a tube, and  Samways-Fine Food Distribution bring their range which covers over 6,500 products from big speciality brands to small artisan producers.

What else will be on show? Watch this space for details of the next delightful delicacies!

For any companies interested in exhibiting, the next ten companies to book will receive some web advertising as part of their stand booking – speak to the sales team Paul or James on 01934 733433 to find out more!

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