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Celtic Vale Natural Mineral WaterStand C5
Exhibiting Celtic Vale Mineral Water & Hatterrall Ridge Spring Water which is bottled at source from our two natural springs situated in the Herefordshire/Welsh borders. Full range produced in both plastic and glass bottles. Bespoke branding also available.

Cotteswold Dairy LtdStand B7
A family owned independent dairy since 1938 delivering milk, cream and other quality produce either by wholesale suppliers, through businesses or direct to the doorstep of homes.

Espresso EssentialStand H2
Espresso Essential is a global brand that specialises in Italian bean to cup automatic coffee machines. Simple to clean and maintain, they deliver high quality drinks, from frothy cappuccinos to smooth lattes! Instant coffee is not in our vocabulary.

Ethical Addictions CoffeeStand D2
Working direct with farmers we source the finest Arabica coffee to supply discerning organisations and individuals here in the UK. With EACoffee you get great coffee, full transparency and real stories to engage customers. Coffee. Equipment. Training. Service. Stories.

FentimansStand D4
Fentimans make the original and best botanically brewed drinks in the world. Natural. Delicious. Hand crafted in Great Britain since 1905.

Healeys CyderStand G5
We’ve been making the most of our orchards for over 25 years. Whether it’s getting to the core of great flavour or thinking outside the box, we know what it takes to make apples special.

Hoogly TeaStand A8
An independent tea company based in Brighton. Our mission is to spread the simple joy of Danish Hygge through our indulgent, comforting teas, made with real luxury ingredients. All loose tea blends packed in fully biodegradable tea pyramids.

Janes Beverages Foodservice LtdStand B1
Janes Beverages Foodservice Ltd have been supplying hot and cold beverage dispensers to the education, hotel & restaurant foodservice sector for many years.

My Coffee StationStand C11
Our offer is simple; competitively priced 'coffee on the go' with nationwide branding and support for retailers, festivals and promotions.

Trumpers Tea LtdStand A3
A business from the heart, with strong foundations, expertise and individuality; bringing you hand blended, loose leaf teas and associated products. Trumpers tea enjoys working with communities and individuals on the journey to a great tasting brew.
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